Monday, July 20, 2015

Gotham Gal: Recapping A Round But No Naming Names

Joanne Wilson // photo credit: CNN
Joanne Wilson wrote a blistering post last week about a conversation she had with another VC on recapping a round. Don't miss it.
Brad Feld and I had a quick email over the weekend about recapping a round.  He had heard that I agreed to do it with a company and he was surprised that I said yes.  I told him that I am beyond pissed, annoyed and angry over the entire thing but once I took a deep breath I did it because I wanted to do right by the entrepreneur.  I was pretty much the first dollar into the company at a very low valuation.  I have been there ever since from more capital to many conversations.  Probably not enough questions from their end because maybe this would not have played out as it did.
Here's the link to follow the story.  I thought their decision to not name the offending party was wise. Life is long.  What goes around comes around.  And as they mentioned, most people know who operates like this and if you're an entrepreneur, you should be smart enough to smell a rat, or at least, know a bad deal from a good one.