Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome to BoOkBoX

Welcome to BoOkBoX where Halley Suitt Tucker (that's me with my new married name!) will talk about books, ebooks, digital publishing, legacy publishing, Kindle, Nook, iPad -- the whole enchilada. Let me know the topics you want to talk about when it comes to publishing; there is so much going on now.

I will also read and choose excellent e-books and create sponsorship opportunities for those writers. I want to help you promote your e-book and find your audience.

I'm so proud of the way writers are jumping in and publishing their own work and leaving "legacy" publishers in the dust. Sometimes. Other times, I'm thrilled when smart legacy publishers are taking e-book writers and helping them reach even more readers via books -- often referred to as dead-tree books.

All hell is breaking loose in publishing these days. I got my MFA at Columbia in 1983, I've worked as a writer, a technical writer, a poet, a novelist, a blogger, a proofreader, a CEO, a barrista and I've never seen a more exciting time than NOW. I've been published in Harvard Business Review and Penthouse Magazine. I'll be publishing my own e-books and helping you publisher yours. So hang around, keep reading, keep writing and enjoy this digital publishing roller coaster ride.

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