Friday, June 28, 2013

I Found It!

I found it!  My journal!  It disappeared and then I found it behind an old radiator in this lovely 1912 house we're house sitting in Lexington, MA. It's my Gatsby summer here with the gardens and rolling green lawn. My wonderful generous friend needed house sitters and we're re-doing our master bath which means our house is a construction site, so the timing worked perfectly. 

Perfect, except for one thing. I lost my journal a few days after our arrival here. You journal writers know the dilemma. Do I go nuts searching for the journal I lost, which is half written in, or do I just start a new one?  Starting a new one is like taking your umbrella with you on a day it may rain, to chase the rain away. When you start a new one, suddenly the old one seems to come out of wherever it was hiding, like a cat you thought was lost. 

But I held out and did not start a new journal -- which was just about killing me. I have written in a paper journal, nearly daily, with gaps to be sure, since I was about ... 12 years old. 

And this was a journal my husband bought for me -- not my usual black cover Moleskin plain journal. And it's full of details on these last few weeks of finishing my book, so I didn't want to lose it.  It says "Remember, ideas become things." on the cover.  Another reason I did not want to give up on it. So glad I got it back!

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