Saturday, January 4, 2014

All the Reasons Any Woman Needs To Hate CES

  • Women quickly notice they can attend CES dressed like 1. A show girl with next to nothing on (booth babe bimbo mode) or the other end of the sexy scale wearing  2. tacky khakis and an ugly polo shirt.  Great.  You can look like a whore or a male nerd.  
  • The idiots on your “team” actually expect you to go to clubs and enjoy watching naked women dance.  They think you will find this fun or worse, funny.  They think you will giggle like they do.
  • There are so many men from other countries and so few women from those same countries – what gives with that?   Just ride some of the buses from hotel to convention center and look at the crowds.  Where are the other women?
  • Las Vegas – people can say it’s the next big thing, but come on, seriously?!  Until it solves it’s Sexism City problem – there’s no there there.  
  • The stupid “boys will be boys” atmosphere is about as high tech as the PDP-11.  (And you don’t even know what that is, right?)
  • The drinking.  Every woman has a drinking problem in Vegas – some guy drinking too much and slobbering all over them.
  • Female keynote speakers … are there any besides Marissa Mayer?

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