Saturday, October 15, 2011

pRoOfrEaDinK mAtTeRs!

Yes, proofreading matters, and don't think for a minute we don't all make mistakes. But here's the inside dirt -- I ran a Proofreading Dept in my last position -- never do it yourself. After a while you are just plain BLIND to errors. Always get a "fresh reader" to review it the last time.

Authonomy is the cool social media ebook community run by HarperCollins. They just put this up on their blog.

We're taking a one-week break from One to Watch to make an important announcment. Last month we announced that Scott Pack, Publisher at The Friday Project, had been appointed the new head of

Find the typo? Scott Pack will not be happy!

Do check out the site, it's cool. It's just

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