Saturday, October 22, 2011

You're Just My Type!

I was writing about printing presses yesterday, so it was fun to learn about a traveling printing press today from a post on Facebook.

If you can read backwards you'll see it says "You're just my type" on the type tray.

Check out this cool piece from Esty about the Type Truck! The Type Truck is visiting Brooklyn today!

These days, travel is all about packing light. If you can’t fit it into a carry-on bag, then chances are you don’t really need it, right?

Not so if you’re Kyle Durrie, proprietor of Power and Light Press and driver of a refurbished 1982 Chevy step van, dubbed the Type Truck. Since June of this year, when Kyle set off from her Portland, Oregon home, she’s traversed the country, visiting cities and towns large and small, sharing her love of letterpress printing.

The idea to take her art on the road emerged during the summer of 2010, when she toured with her boyfriend and his band.

More here on Esty.

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