Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I Haven't Written about the Kindle Fire Yet!

Go ahead and guess why I haven't written about MY new Kindle Fire yet ... maybe because I can't stop using it and watching movies on it and sucking down episodes of TV shows from it and reading books on it and all that.

The hardest thing to write about is what it FEELS like.  It's a great size and the rubber back and sides are not icy cold or slippery or sharp, like the iPad.  I've been thinking that maybe in a warm climate like California, the iPad doesn't feel so COLD.  Maybe in a crappy weather town like Seattle, they know everything about getting in bed and getting cozy with a book and a good cup of tea or coffee.  So all tech considerations aside, I love the way the Kindle Fire feels.

I'll be back with more soon.  Back to the Fire place I go ...

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  1. You know Halley, you're right. I live in LA (a warm place :) and I don't like the cold feel of the iPad either. I love the iPad, just not the back. The original Kindle back was excellent, but then they went to hard plastic... glad they're back to caring about *feel*. I haven't used a Kindle Fire yet but your post makes me want to...


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