Sunday, November 6, 2011

Women's Leadership Forum: Get A Co-Founder

There were so many good speakers and excellent panels last week at the  Women's Leadership Forum which took place at the Microsoft NERD Center, you knew you were missing things in other rooms, so I can't wait to read all the coverage of the other discussions. 

There was a session for Entrepreneurs which featured a number of great brand new and some more seasoned entrepreneurs.  In particular, I really appreciated the advice of some of the women who suggested getting a co-founder.  It's perfectly "duh" advice on one level, but you have to hear it to go ... "Of course!"   

I think it was a discussion between the brilliant Katie Rae of Tech Stars and fabulous Pam Reeve of The Commonwealth Institute.  They gave the best simple advice about how to pitch, how to hire and how having a co-founder makes it easier for VC's to get a sense of who you are and who they are investing in.  Ladies, a little redundancy please, both in your servers AND in having a partner to help run your business.  

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