Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book Review: In Delirium Bloom

I really don’t know much about vampires or those walking dead folks, zombies.  In fact, when people say, you could fill a book with what I know about X … well, you could fill a book with what I DON’T know about these semi-dead dudes.  So the good news is has filled a book with them --  In Delirium Bloom is the perfect short story collection with just enough after-life adverturers to make me happy, as well as entertain those who are blood thirsty for tales of the dead and sortof dead.

If you like history mixed with fantasy, you’ll like South of the Walloomsac which shows you the The Battle of Bennington VT was more than you ever thought it was.  These vampires have been with us for a long time and did their part in the Revolutionary War, don’t you know?   If American History doesn’t do it for you, perhaps you like the American Musical Theatre.   In Sing For Your Life,  the last living guys and dolls manage to sing their way out of a mob of bloodthirsty zombies by turning on the musical numbers and getting the zombies grooving to the beat of Oliver.  Perhaps, young girls toting big guns and using neighborhood zombies for target practice, is more your cup of tea.  If so, you’ll like the story Here and Now.  

Whatever your particular favorite twist is, in the dead men walking genre, this collection of lurid tales will entertain you from dark to dawn.  Just be sure to keep the lights burning bright as you read, or you’ll be hearing many things going bump in the night and find yourself seriously freaking out thanks to this range of freaks.  

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