Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Reads

Since I read all the time, just about every day, every week, every month and certainly every season, I find this whole "summer reads" concept a little shaky. Tell me -- does it mean people don't bother reading except when they are on vacation?! Arghhh! I hope not.

Is there a reason there should be only one season of literary binge eating?! I'm jamming my mind (not mouth) full of adverbs, adjectives, action and adventure on a daily basis.  Shouldn't you read books every day, like healthy eating, swallowing big delicious novels full of crazy characters in faraway places, redolent of cinnamon, spice, some girls, not so nice every chance you get? 

Books are nicely designed to be consumed in all seasons -- for winter, spent it with Zhivago at Varykino, greet spring in a boring Yonville with an dissatisfied Madame Bovary, and for summer camp chose Humbert Humbert as your guide, and finally when hit with a bit of back-to-school longing, feel free to follow Stephen Dedalus to the schoolyard in autumn. 

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