Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Borrow "Free Books" for Amazon Prime Members

I've been seeing a lot of confusion around this subject -- how you actually get "free" books if you are a Kindle owner with a Amazon Prime membership.

If you go to Amazon, you will see many books listed as $0.00 for Prime members, and below this, you may see a price like $3.99 to buy, but don't click BUY.   You'll notice even if you are a Prime member, you will be billed for the "free" book.  "Huh?!"  you may say.  It's all about language.  The key word here is "borrow."

What you get as a Prime member is the ability to "BORROW" one book per month for free, read that book and then return it.

And how do you "borrow" free books?  You do not borrow the same way you buy books on the Amazon site page for a given book, but rather you initiate "borrowing" on your Kindle device.

This link will explain all the details.  Start here.

As you'll see here, you must click the "BORROW FOR FREE" button which appears on your Kindle screen, not on the site.

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