Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Now For A Really Happy New Year!

I've made my tea, it's early as can be and I'm thinking about 2012.  Back to work and school here today, so now it feels just really 2012-ish to be sure.

Repeat after me, "Twenty Twelve, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Twelve!"  And get out your checkbook and scribble some "2012's" on the date lines.  Go ahead, it might be in a different ink, but who cares.

There was nothing much 2012-ish about Sunday morning, but today, now that we have to get back to the real world -- it's a very big new year.   Make it even better in a simple way.  Walk.

I don't want to say the "R" word, but if you do want to make some changes in your life and get into some healthy new patterns, try to add one hour more of walking to your day.

I've been doing it for the last few days and it does make an amazing difference.  I'm feeling better and sleeping better.  Your body wants to move.  You body wants to get up from the desk and leave the computer for at least an hour.  Get up and move.  I'm not asking you to add an hour of running, or jumping or more obvious full throttle exercise, just trying adding an hour of walking, you'll be glad you did.

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