Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Romance Novel, or My Novel Romance

I'm in a odd position of feeling so happy and proud and satisfied and gaga about my husband in a world of couples who are not doing so well, I am torn.  Show me your rooftop, I'll shout from it, I LOVE MY HUSBAND!  But wait, I better do my SHOUTING ... quietly, so as not to upset the other guys and gals we know who aren't so happy.

He made me the most wonderful dinner last night -- pasta, wine, candles, the works -- and we whispered to one another in candlelight, just us two, co-conspirators, "If they don't like the person they are with, why don't they try to fix it or leave?!"  Shhhhh!   We can't share our dirty little secret -- that we're happy as can be.

Do we anger the gods by being so happy?  Will the plot of our story twist and turn and our tale will end badly?  Maybe, but not for now.  Are most people unhappy?  There are days when it seems that way.

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