Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TitStare: All Men Behaving Badly or Has Ageism Caught Up With Sexism?

Sadly, I noticed how many high tech women I know weren't even particularly shocked by the TechCrunch TitStare CircleShake story. We already know high tech is just one big circle jerk and don't need a new app to remind us. Women are so accustomed to sexism in the startup community, it's never news. Strangely, I found many more MEN commenting on this story. And I have a theory as to why.

I think ageism has finally caught up with sexism. Women and serious men of a certain age have said, "Enough!"  Something has changed. These two young dopes at TechCrunch may have actually done some good by drawing a line in the sand.  I think men over 40 are being pushed out of high tech opportunities in this fluid economy and don't like young punks like these taking center stage.

And these kids are making other serious high tech men look really bad, as women damn the whole lot of them. Perhaps a new coalition of men and women in technology have had it with 18-year-old white male punks getting the lion's share of the funding, attention and publicity.

Even the specious notion that these kids can solve the big problems of our world with their bright young minds, is being questioned. With so many serious issues from climate change to failing infrastructure to biotech challenges, perhaps we've sobered up to realize well-trained entrepreneurs of any sex armed with graduate degrees are the next big thing.  Seriously, it's distressing to see a top notch tech conference giving time to "new apps" that solve problems Playboy Magazine pretty much took care of around 1960.

Okay, maybe it was only and always meant to be a joke, but it touched a nerve with women and even more men. And something may actually change.

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