Monday, September 5, 2011

Back from the Beach -- Happy Labor Day!

If you are an ebook reader, I'm sure you've seen many claims about how you can read at the beach -- or more precisely, how the Kindle is particularly good when it comes to reading at the beach.

I took both my iPad and my Kindle to Crane's Beach today and honestly, I didn't use either one.

Here's something you can do at the beach besides read -- you can swim! You can walk along the shore! You can get down in the sand, build up a castle and then watch the tide come in and wash it away.

I love my Kindle and truly, if I wanted to read today perhaps I would have opened it, but I really don't want to get SAND in it and when I'm at the beach with my family -- I try to resist the urge to read! Call me crazy.

Besides, the best place to read in the summer on a beautiful day is in a hammock or on a porch or (my favorite) up in a tree, and on this subject I agree with Amazon that the Kindle is perfect for that.

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