Thursday, September 22, 2011

Publishing an ebook -- Day Four

Been reading and researching the many rules and regs on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, as well as reading a lot of threads by e-authors about things to be sure TO DO and things NOT TO DO.

Also ... still proofreading. Sometimes, you just have to put the bread aside, let it rest and rise again, punch it down and then get it ready for the oven.

BTW, here is what Kindle Direct Publishing tells you about formats:
Types of Formats

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) lets you upload and convert your final draft from several formats. For best results, we recommend that you upload in DOC (.doc) or PRC (.prc) format. Be sure to read through the format you are using to upload below prior to publishing your work with KDP.

To learn more about the recommended PRC format, be sure to read through our Simplified Guide to Building a Kindle Book, which walks you through editing a DOC file in word, saving the file in a format accepted using Mobipocket Creator, and converting for optimum usability with KDP.

We accept the following formats:

Word (.doc or .docx)
ePub (.epub)
Plain Text (.txt)
Mobipocket (.mobi or .prc)
HTML (.zip, .htm, or .html)
Adobe PDF (.pdf)
Rich Text Format (.rtf)

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