Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Go Shopping at J.A. Konrath's New EBook Store

Have you been to Konrath's new ebook store? Go check it out here.

Also read this from Konrath's blog about why he set up the store (link):
Ebooks A La Carte

Last month, I did a blog post with Blake Crouch about the future of ebook sales. In that blog, we talked about the only two parties needed for a transaction: the author, and the reader. Everyone else (agent, publisher, retailer) is a middleman, taking a percentage.

But if a writer already has loyal fans willing to seek him out, why should the middleman get a cut? Couldn't the author and the reader complete a transaction (the reader buying the book) where the writer receives all of the profit?


Konrath is such a wildman innovator. Love that guy! Hat tip to Barry Eisler for this.

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