Friday, September 16, 2011

Why I Joined the Pixability Flash Mob

Okay, you might think I'm completely crazy, but I joined the Pixability Flash Mob and we performed in Copley Square on Wednesday at 5:00 for one reason -- I really wanted to watch leadership in action. And they delivered!

Seriously, to get over a hundred people to embarrass themselves in public (and on video), you must have some serious leadership skills. To convince people in and outside your company to do a flash mob you need no small amount of operational smarts and overall charisma and enthusiasm. Bettina Hein and her crew of leaders at Pixability have those skills out the wazoo.
She said doing a flash mob might be on our bucket list. Well, I don't really have a list, or if I do, there's only one thing on it -- never being afraid to try new things. If you're an entrepreneur, you better have that mantra on your list too.

Picture Credit: Mass High Tech

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