Saturday, September 10, 2011

What's with the goofy caps on BoOkBoX?

Well, you might ask what's with that weird upper- and lower-case spelling of

B o O k B o X
b O o K b O x
b o o k B O X

anyway? It's all about the fact that as books turn into e-books and PDF's and a wide variety of forms, you start to notice how absolutely fluid and funky the digital content of our world is becoming.

Our letters and our lettres and our lEtTeRs are morphing before our very eyes. The alphabet seems to have a mind of its own, jumping up and down and flexing and texting and doing crazy things. Even a bOoK is not a "book" any more it seems to me.

So the uppity and downity of the bOoKbOX or BoOkBoX or bookBOX for me is all about how out of control the digital alpha-beta is these days. That's what Halley Tucker's BoOkBoX is about ... and rumor has it someone is building me an actual box to keep new books and e-books in, so I can pull a rabbit out of my hat (out of the Book Box) which I will be showing off soon.

Got any boxes of books around your house? I sure do!

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  1. BTW, this picture is a proof of some great designs Susy Pilgrim Waters is working on for me -- you know her gorgeous work -- if you buy Iggy's bread, she did their logo. Or maybe you've seen her work at Crate & Barrel where she does lovely dishes. Here's a link to her site:


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