Saturday, September 24, 2011

Publishing an ebook -- Day Five

Okay, I even slipped with posting yesterday, but I was a LITTLE BUSY. Still proofing and formatting and you might get the idea that having someone else do your proofing and formatting could be worth the costs. Lucky you! There are a bunch of great people who do just that. Amazon will give you a list here:
Professional Conversion Services

Professional conversion services are available to publishers seeking help with the adjustment to self-publishing and eBook integration. Here is a list of companies specializing in eBook conversion services:

Aptara: A leader in content transformation solutions, Aptara provides a variety of eBook services including eBook creation and content conversion in all eBook formats.

Booknook: Specializing in the affordable creation of ebooks, both fiction and non-fiction, for all platforms from Word, PDF, Text and other input file types.

CreateSpace: A leader in on-demand publishing and part of the Amazon group of companies, CreateSpace offers Kindle conversion services starting at just $69! *Available only for titles previously published through CreateSpace.

Digital Media Initiatives: Where complete automation is not possible, Digital Media Initiatives undertakes manual conversion of print books to ePub format and other popular formats.

IT Global Solution- Office Conversion Partner for Amazon’s Mobipocket file format: IT Global Solution can help you with all of your data conversion services.

Innodata Isogen: Innodata Isogen is promoted as the industry’s leading provider of eBook services to major publishers and leading eBook device makers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Sony.

Kreutzfeldt Electronic Publishing: Offers conversion services for German and English reference content. (Web site is in German)

Leer-e S.L.: Leer-e offers conversion of digital formats, scanning, translation and a complete range of publishing services including Mobipocket and POD. (Web site is in Spanish)

LiberWriter: LiberWriter is promoted as a friendly, easy system for creating well-formatted Kindle books. Their software helps you get the details right, and offers publisher support if you have questions.

Smart Site: Smart Site provides ebook conversions for Kindle and Mobipocket. Reasonable fees-fast turnaround!

SilverChair: SilverChair specializes in medical content and develops high-value, information-critical products for the health care community.

Note: Amazon does not endorse or recommend any one company over the other. Promotional copy is credited to the respective company and modified to suit this page.

Also check out 52Novels -- excellent ebook design services

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