Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Publishing an ebook -- Day Two

So as you saw from the video yesterday, there are three things you need to move ahead with publishing your ebook:

1. Your ebook (in WORD format is fine);
2. Your cover art
3. A description of your book.

I met with a friend at Starbuck's yesterday afternoon who did the cover art for me quickly -- good to know graphic artists -- but if you don't any, there are many resources for this now -- just Google "ebook cover art" and you'll find someone to help you. It shouldn't cost much over $50.

I'll finish the description of my book today. The book was one I drafted about a month ago and yesterday I cleaned up and edited more carefully. I will ask someone else to proofread it. I ran a proofreading department recently and I know one thing very well, you can't proofread your own stuff, it's just impossible to see the errors after a while.

With any luck I'll publish by the end of the week. My very short book is about why ALL WOMEN SHOULD START A BUSINESS -- it distresses me that more women don't try it.

It's called "Does This Start-up Make Me Look Fat?" My logic is that women have everything they need to start businesses -- they're smart, they're good at making things, promoting things (like their kids and clubs and charities), they are creative and brave -- so why aren't they starting companies. Finally it occurred to me -- maybe they will think they'll end up looking like some fat old rich guy if they start a company. And women don't like looking fat.


  1. Halley, I can't wait to see your new e-book. I'm also completely fascinated by this digital book thing. Here's mine: http://www.amazon.com/Corporate-Blogging-Updated-Preface-ebook/dp/B003B654MO/ And yes it includes my description of you and Halley's Comment as an example of great blogging. Let's talk soon! debbie[dot]weil[at]gmail.com

  2. Thanks Debbie. I do want to show people how easy it is to get an ebook up on Amazon ... however, as the days go by, you'll know I'm heading into the stormy weather of how to get people to NOTICE your book, how to get ATTENTION, how to make your book stand out and get READ. It's tricky. Thanks for the nice comment.


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